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Orthopaedics at Samagracare

Your system of 206 bones & 640 muscles gives form and movement to the human body and makes life worth living. We strive to offer you the most comprehensive range of musculoskeletal care and expertise.

Samagra Care strives to offer an extremely comprehensive range of orthopaedic care and expertise. Whether it’s longstanding ailments or fresh injuries, our Orthopaedics Department has got you covered. 

We offer patients the opportunity to consult with not only Orthopedicians and Rheumatologists, but also with services such as Lifestyle Medicine, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Pain Management, specialized nursing care, and nutritional support, to offer unique and multi-disciplinary support to each patient.
With provisions for in-house physiotherapy, physical rehabilitation, and readily available diagnostic services, we have everything you need right here—no movement necessary. 

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